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July, friday the 12th; sounds deadly a bit; today, I have reposted my five books, because people told me there should be more text, at least a bit more; as I have worked out each image into a poster with text, I came about to be 'able' to write about each of these and input the words into the five books; the other strange thing, many images have been reworked to extremes unattended; one never gets to the bottom of what is within the image; I really have been digging my image cemetery lately and came out with a few prized skeletons, for you now to find about; I will be installing all these images on magcloud, today, since they are also now made out as posters

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5 publications

  • Total recall books: 060408

    mysteries of a moment each image here being such an event; we go see installations in big big museums, flitter around through so many flitterers and…

    Square / 8" x 8"
    Print: $17.00 Digital: $10.00
  • Total recall books: 060613

    3D world creating has been my addiction, very personal since the moment bryce came out at 99$ a pop; that was revolution, as any 3D got around in the…

    Square / 8" x 8"
    Print: $16.00 Digital: $10.00
  • Total recall books: 060200

    One of my most heavily scavenged original images; I have gone out of the normal frame to create worlds we never see around, although all the basic…

    Square / 8" x 8"
    Print: $16.00 Digital: $10.00
  • Total recall books: 060622

    My first digital, a nikon coolpix 5000; a special little one, it pushed the color envelope in order to hide or cover up the low low rez load of the…

    Square / 8" x 8"
    Print: $16.00 Digital: $10.00
  • Total recall books: 060208

    Black and white prints chosen from my 8x10 field camera days; 1982, a portfolio has been produced with those ten images, fifteen of them; now you get…

    Square / 8" x 8"
    Print: $16.00 Digital: $10.00

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