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Dear reader, Alphas Magazine is intended for everyone who can learn something from it, and directed perhaps more specifically to the gay male who wants to live a productive life, a life where he continues to enjoy his sexuality with freedom while also taking care of all the other aspects of his life such as friends, family, work, hobbies, etcetera. The goal of the Alphas Magazine Team is not only to publish just another gay magazine, but to create, month after month a magazine that you can read with joy and pride such that no matter what is going on around you, when you read Alphas Magazine you will be transported to a world of options to create a better future for yourself. Our job is to bring you content that helps you along your path. Your job Dear Reader... is to apply this content in your own life. We deserve a fun and productive life. We deserve Alphas Magazine. Drakov S. Editor in Chief

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