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Amelia Wysocki

It is our mission to shine a spotlight on the best creative talent in the world, whether they’re unknown prodigies or seasoned multi-talented award-winning celebrities. And unlike so many other beauty, fashion, and art magazines, Nephilim Magazine doesn’t limit what we feature to mainstream or alternative genres. We feature both because people are complex and so are their interests.

Nephilim Magazine features the best in creative culture from around the world. Some content is produced in-house while most is contributed by brilliant creative talent, like you, in exchange for their skills being seen by our massive and ever-growing network of readers. We’ve published photos and art featuring styles and genres such high-end beauty, multi-cultural couture, goth, punk, future-wear, cosplay, the surreal, conceptual, and many experimental styles you’ve never seen before. As the Vulcans say, “Diversity in infinite combinations”.

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Publications in Nephilim Magazine

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