Manos International:

MI 007 - Poland

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Published by:
M Styborski
Poster / 12" x 18"
2 pages
Sci-fi & Fantasy
fauxster, film poster, Hands of Fate, International, Manos, poland

There are actually no records that Manos ever graced a theater screen in Poland, or anywhere else within the Soviet Bloc of influence in the sixties. But if you're in Krakow and ask an older resident about the film, more often than not they'll lower their eyes, spit and walk away mumbling curses at your lineage.

Still, though unsigned, this is clearly the work of famed Polish film poster artist Cezar Ludvig! Ludvig was so revered that he freelanced for every studio and distribution house in Poland and Lithuania. The telltale sign of Ludvig's hand is the absence of curved lines. Growing up poor he couldn't afford a french curve and learned to draw using only straight lines! by the time he could afford curved art supplies, he no longer needed them! A true rags to riches story!

For the record, of all the Manos International releases, this poster is the only one that actually translates the title literally and correctly.

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Manos International: MI 007 - Poland

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