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Published by:
henri durand
Poster / 12" x 18"
2 pages
boarded up, city, poster, ruins

Before our specie stuck it's butt down into the soil, everything was in a way 'illuminated' and our brain structure and movement patterns, a balance between feet and hands, gave us a perfect timing to catch any glimpse of life mouvance and climate patterns, life was a natural biological expression used by violence and intelligence to create 'new' lives, slightly different iterations of what was now their operational platform;

A specie, any kind of life is but the flowering bursting out from interactions, relations resulting from the meet of violence and intelligence upon the 'just' born kind of life, their new platform upon which evolution keeps building their next one;

We do not 'have' intelligence, neither violence, we simply are as all that is around us, within us, iterative platforms upon which those two partners polarize life from infinity's chaos...yeah stars and it all...platforms, an infinity of;

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