Wing Chun Illustrated:

Issue 23: April 2015

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Wing Chun Illustrated
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
64 pages Perfect-bound
Sports & Leisure
gung fu, kung fu, martial arts, sam lau, Ving Tsun, wing chun, Wing Tjun, Wing Tsun, Wing Tsung, Yip Man

Issue 23 of Wing Chun Illustrated features Sifu Sam Lau on the cover. Lau's life-long association with Wing Chun started in 1966 when he had his first lesson with Sifu Moy Yat. He was later accepted as a student of Grandmaster Ip Man and assisted Ip Man teaching. Sifu Lau believes teaching incomplete Wing Chun will mislead future students and destroy Wing Chun, so he is currently working on developing and deepening Wing Chun without distorting it, so the position of Wing Chun can be maintained and benefit the people of the world. With almost 50 years experience in Wing Chun, and being familiar with other martial arts, he has created a federation for learners to follow the real Wing Chun by establishing standard guidelines. Without proper action, Sifu Lau feels there will be hundreds of different kinds of Wing Chun in the future.

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Wing Chun Illustrated: Issue 23: April 2015

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