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ISSUE 30 #FFJUL14 STEFANI GAMBOA #FREEDOM Worldwide all desire to speak their mind + make a difference. As artists our work speaks volumes. Images worth thousands of words speak languages of each country represented in FF. Peek into dreams that fuel your endeavors + who supports it to fruition. What is YOUR message? Challenge: Decipher what you want the world to ‘hear’ when your images ‘speak.’ Language barriers + miles between us, colors, textures + lighting say what our mouths may not. If we never meet, we will recognize e/o in compositions, expressions + themes. Monet or Van Gogh. Recognized instantly. Ever-morphing Evolution of one’s self. To be lost + found in work; to put a piece of yourself on display “Show & Tell-ing” vulnerability + wavering confidence. Know who YOU are what YOU want to say. It IS important, valid + necessary to do what Art should - challenge you to think. (L Thomas) “At every crossroad, follow your Dream. It is courage to let your heart lead the way.” - EIC, Jenna Belt

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