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From the Depths "The Objects of Our Desire" Summer 2014

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The Summer 2014 issue of From the Depths features works of poetry and fiction whose stories revolve around the ordinary objects of our lives. From the possessions we hold most dear to the seemingly trivial items we pick up and discard along our journey, these are the objects and artifacts that shape our stories and mold our memories.

With: Julia Gordon-Bramer, Sheila Cumberworth, Charlie Weeks, John Richmond, Pamela D. Hirte, Joseph Love, Sonya N Groves, Amy Schmidt, Tyler Fieldhouse, Roopa, Raveendran-Menon, M. M. Adjarian, Steph Post, Stefanie E Raymond, Sharon H. Smith, Catherine Zickgraf, Sarah E N Kohrs, Shawn Aveningo, Chad W. Lutz, Rena Rossner, Katie Budris, Richard Schnap, Donna Hilbert, Nicholas Larche, Meredith Boe, Kristin Ronzi, Gigi Lam, Sean Morgan, Barb Natividad, Cyndi Faria, Jenny Currier, Edwina J. Smith, Amy Little, Eugene Brennan, J. Suzanne Carr Scott, Ragesree Roy, Beth Tillman, Krystyna Fedosejevs, Lynne Lori, Lindsay A. Chudzik, Sarah Reichert, Anna Unkovich, Rebecca Schwind

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From the Depths: From the Depths "The Objects of Our Desire" Summer 2014

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