Freyia: The Arctic Faery Collection :

01 Huldra Fae Creature

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Published by:
Freyia Norling
Poster / 12" x 18"
2 pages
arctic, Creature, Fae, faery, Freyia, Huldra

RARE 2 SIDED POSTERS PRINTS NOW AVAILABLE! Some of these photographs have been exhibited in many venues all over Europe! All these photographs are now available for sale! Freyia explains how she came up with the concept of THE ARCTIC FAERY: "The magical creatures I've been transformed into in these photographs are Human/Faery/Alien hybrids and I think there is a LOT that connects Faeries to UFO Lore! I think faery Rings could be interpreted in modern times as crop circles or UFO landing spots! Now you're probably all wondering why ARCTIC? Well first of all to honour my land, secondly because I firmly believe in The Hollow Earth Theory! This Theory claims that the Earth is actually a hollow (or semi-hollow) sphere, having openings at either polar ice cap. Flying beings are assumed to emerge from and return to these polar gateways, to a secret civilization living inside the Earth....I believe this secret civilization is Faerie indeed!

Freyia: The Arctic Faery Collection : 01 Huldra Fae Creature

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