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Published by:
henri durand
Poster / 18" x 12"
2 pages
Home & Gardening
desert, glass, Home, house, people, run, space

when it comes to the house concept all end up buried within boxes; some poor or luxurious big or small all enclosing boxes; we cannot live in the open ancestral heritage when the open was killing grounds and the cavern a secure place to sleep into; privacy is no more a reality now than then; nobody wants others to become private; privacy is now more dangerous as a concept than killing the dweller next door; it has come to the pinnacle of absurdity where the aggressor is given respect for rights forfeited for others through the aggression; the notion of individuality will have to be repossessed by those who care about being cultured human individuals confronted by regressing animals; for we are basically animals pure and simple; only self culture can start up the human process within one; left to a community drives all to the weakest common denominator.

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