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Published by:
henri durand
Poster / 18" x 12"
2 pages
bleach, flotsam, low tide, pinned trunks, rocks

sea has a way of pinning up bits of wood big or small in between boulders; it even hides them down into the darkest recesses found around the tidal area; it is kind of a welding or wedding between seemingly opposites; eternal versus fader soft versus hard; often these unions last much longer than any other through the horrors of winter when huge ice blocks slam into the boulders; even those can be moved sometimes; I have seen through the years a big 7 footer jump from one place to another; each winter ice would grab him carry him forget about until the next winter; the same process is applied to each of us; in a sense we are simple stones which life carries around; as long as you get carried, life is good; get dropped somewhere and angst start eating your heart.

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