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Published by:
henri durand
Poster / 18" x 12"
2 pages
Beach, dusk, rock, sand, sunset, tides, varech

end of a day, out there, everything rushes either to finish or begin a task; no tv couch ouch there; silence is total action, opposite the usual noisy bashings of the urban hot style; it goes so fast that I have no time to look, its all just a feel and no way but to shoot one frame, for triggering the multiple might just make you loose the one in between all that garbage in; an intuitive mind let loose never misses focus, point, dot, it lasers it into existence on a digital support; remember now those cameras are no longer mechanical clunkers; they are digital killers, they explode the essence, never the physical; very effective; but to come to terms with the digital essence of a being, that takes a hell of a long time...years...if needed...just stock up on patience...

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