SFDOPE Reader:

2010 SFDOPE Reader

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SFDOPE Society for Deregulation of Poetic Emissions
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
12 pages Saddle-stitched
anthology, bob dylan, bookstore, crack, disaster, dope, George W. Bush, michael moore, nike, poem war, poetic, poetry, reader, slave, whale

This collection is for "maniacs with no respect for life, desensitized to wanton cruelty ... make a theme park out of child abuse, dual diagnosis disorders, grave robbing, ... the snuff of legend ... best high definition literary upskirt ever," according to the Society's honorary fluffer, The Cellophane Kid.

According to one of the first Deregulators, whom we interview for a special Foreword, Helmut van Helmir, his reaction on reading the draft of the new DOPE was to "...cut the throats of Nike workers while f'ing Vegas whores stuffed with dollar bills made from the skin of union bosses while singing Bob Dylan songs backwards on crack made from freebased slaves inside an endangered whale in the middle of the rain forest on fire all the while being taped by George W. Bush who in this reality is president for life."

Photos, fiction, letters, designs, and transcripts give the poetry's breasts a nice push-up bra and some glitter to make you stare down the blouse of Society.

SFDOPE Reader: 2010 SFDOPE Reader

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