Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture:

Atheist Piety: A Religion of Dogmatic Dubiety (1, 2012:111-143)

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Interpreter A Journal of Mormon Scripture
Digest / 5.25" x 8.25"
36 pages Saddle-stitched
atheism, atheists, interpreter, Joseph Smith, Latter-day Saints, lds, mormon, scholarship

The “Special Feature” of this mass-market secular humanist magazine consists of an introduction to “America’s Peculiar Piety” followed by a miscellany of brief, nonscholarly essays critical of The Church of Jesus Christ. The questions posed in the introduction to this flagship atheist magazine go unaddressed in the essays. All of the essays reflect a fashionable, dogmatic, naive, and deeply religious enmity toward the faith of Latter-day Saints. The essays are also shown to be instances of a modern militant atheism, which is contrasted with earlier and much less bold and aggressive doubts about divine things. The ideological links between those responsible for Free Inquiry and some critics on the fringes of the LDS community are also clearly identified.

Review of Tom Flynn et al. “America’s Peculiar Piety: Why Did Mormonism Grow? Why Does It Endure?” Free Inquiry, October/November 2011, 21–41.

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