Eye Care Education:

Physician-Patient Consultation Illustrations - All Subjects Portfolio-LARGE SIZE VERSION

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Stephen Gordon
Tabloid / 11" x 14"
36 pages Wire-O
Health & Fitness
Consultation, eye, gordon, illustrations, ophthalmology, PATIENT, Physician, PPCI

Extra large tabloid size version (11'x14" for LOW VISION PATIENTS) of the 33 Full-Color plates for chair-side consultation of all subjects of eye care. By Ophthalmic Artist Stephen F. Gordon. Contains: A. Normal Eye B. Normal Orbit 1.Cataract 2. Phacoemulsification 3.Lens Implantation 4.IOL (Posterior) 5.Laser Posterior Capsulotomy 6.Extracapsular Extraction 7.Astigmatism 8.Nearsighted (Myopia) 9. Farsighted (Hyperopia) 10.Presbyopia 11.Corneal Transplant 12.RK 13.PRK 14.LASIK Myopia 15.LASIK Hyperopia 16.Astigmatic Keratotomy 17.Normal Fundus 18.PVD-Floaters-Traction 19.Retinal Detachment 20.Scleral Buckle 21.Macular Degeneration 22.Diabetic Retinopathy 23.Panretinal Photocoagulation 24.Glaucoma 25.Optic Disc 26.Laser Iridotomy 27.Laser Trabeculoplasty 28.Trabeculectomy 29.Lacrimal and Lid 30.Normal Lid/Blepharitis/Chalazion 31.Muscles. ----->>>>> TO ORDER THIS BOOK and have it SHIPPED to you, click the "Buy in Print" button below. >>>>>

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