Wing Chun Illustrated:

Issue 5: April 2012

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Wing Chun Illustrated
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
64 pages Perfect-bound
Sports & Leisure
Garry McKenzie, gung fu, ip man, kung fu, martial arts, Ving Tsun, wing chun, Wing Tjun, Wing Tsun, Wing Tsung, Yip Man

Issue 5 of Wing Chun Illustrated features Garry McKenzie on the cover. Garry gives you the impression of a classical fighter: fit, serious, with an impenetrable look, but as soon he starts talking, you realise he is also a gentle, funny, insightful and humble person. Garry’s journey into Wing Chun started in 1982, aged 17, and ultimately lead to him learning the Cantonese dialect of Chinese and travelling to Hong Kong to complete his training under the tutelage of his Sifu Ip Ching. He was twice invited to demonstrate at the Wing Chun World Conference, as well as at the opening of the Ip Man Tong in Fatshan, where he gave a speech in Cantonese. However, he doesn’t see Wing Chun as a way to live your life. To him, Wing Chun is a tool to help protect himself, protect others and to condition his body.

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Wing Chun Illustrated: Issue 5: April 2012

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