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Published by:
Nick Watts
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
36 pages Saddle-stitched
.Net, CodeMash, java, KidzMash, programming, ruby, software development

The popular community-created magazine for the CodeMash conference is back with its second issue! We've expanded coverage of the conference, yet maintained the technical content. Dianne Marsh sets the context for us this year and grapples with the staggering 20 minute sellout of 1200 tickets and over 700 session submissions. Daniel Hinojosa continues the trail that Corey Haines blazed last year by investigating another set of internationally known projects with CodeMash origins: Ruby and Scala Koans. Following that, fearless KidzMash leader Melissa Insko shows us why CodeMash is the most family-friendly conference around. There's a boat-load of technical content too. We have several stellar contributions from the CodeMash community on a variety of technical topics. And if you didn’t catch Tim Berglund's sensational YouTube video “Oh, the Methods You'll Compose” (written in iambic pentamater, no less), we’ve got the prose version of it here.

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