1970 Urban Space Peace

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Published by:
henri félix fortier durand
Poster / 12" x 18"
2 pages
aged, decay, exposure, Graffiti, peace symbol, peeling paint, rustic, spray paint, textured, urban, wear and tear, weathered, wooden door

City center, a forlorn debris from an already gone era, the horse buggy period now absolutely stamped upon under the incessant noise of thousand of cars groping their way within the city's own labyrinthine paths, now the realm of steel buggies.

From a derelict big shed, right in the middle of a city, around the 1970's, shot through a 4x5 view camera, a 'flower' generational expression coming out of an ultimate delicacy within the tonal and brush strokes, not at all like a volatile air can job

A weathered wooden door is depicted with a prominent peace symbol. The door's rustic texture is accentuated by the wear and tear, as well as by peeling paint in various colours, suggesting age and exposure to the elements.

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