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As I worked to cope with my intense mental health struggles it was important and helpful for me to make photographs as a way to stay aware of my surroundings and appreciate the beauty around me. This “in the moment” project was my compromise to creatively and resourcefully finding a solution to help myself cope with intense, moment to moment struggles when my circumstances prevent me from doing this the way I would prefer. While using my phone to capture my environment, I was working to stay aware of my surroundings in a meaningful way, surviving one more moment when survival seemed too challenging, paying attention to the light and shadows around me, learning a little more what it is to be present, alive, thankful, appreciative, and enjoy life. All these qualities made “in the moment” a very meaningful project for me. It is my hope that perhaps there can be something beneficial, encouraging or inspiring within the project for you as well.

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Amanda Creamer Photography : in the moment | collection 1

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