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The Illusory Belief of the Pleasure of Touch (Hindi Dadavani Feb-2022)

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In the current edition, in order to fracture the belief, which has set in through societal influence, that there is pleasure in sexuality, Dadashri has explained sexuality as it is. The one who has made a resolve to practice brahmacharya the entire life and has taken on the unflinching commitment to practice brahmacharya, if such a person slips just once, then he is done for. Dadashri says, “All other mistakes can be accepted, but ‘we’ cannot accept this; ‘our’ gaze becomes very stern in that situation.” It is necessary to acquire the capability to skillfully get rid of the inner and the outer evidence [of sexuality] for the ‘safe-side’ of brahmacharya. To practice pure brahmacharya, it is absolutely necessary to remain in the vicinity of the Gnani Purush and in the company of brahmacharis. In the current edition, Dadashri’s Knowledge-laden speech shows the red signal for the illusion generating beliefs that there is pleasure in touch and it shows the danger of them.

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