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The Molding of the Ego in the Incomprehensible Planning of Nature (Hindi Dadavani Sep-2021)

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Dada Bhagwan
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
32 pages Saddle-stitched
avyavhaar rashi, DadaBhagwan, ego, embodies souls, evolution, Human, karma, law of nature, process of evolution, siddha kshetra, soul, Vyavasthit, vyavhaar rashi

The world is without a beginning or an end. In it, embodied souls are continuously evolving. This path of evolution for the embodied souls can be divided into three parts. The first is avyavahaar rashi, in which the ‘goods’ remain in stock and evolution does not take place. The second is vyavahaar rashi, in which the embodied soul breaks out from the stock and begins evolving in worldly interaction, and third is Siddha Kshetra! In the process of evolution, the embodied souls develop from being one-sensed to two-sensed, and so on, until they become human and when they become human, as they have egoism, they become the ‘doer’. So then they have to suffer the results according to their karma. In this way, within this incomprehensible planning of nature (kudrat), every single embodied soul is passing through all sorts of ups and downs in the flow on the path of evolution.

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