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A Gnani Purush Like This Is Indeed My Pure Soul (Hindi Dadavani July-2021)

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Dada Bhagwan
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
28 pages Saddle-stitched
absolute self, Akramvignan, DadaBhagwan, devotion towards Gnani purush, gnanipurush, gnanvidhi, how to experience our soul, how to realize who am I, puresoul, self, Self Realization, soul

In the current edition, while giving specific explanations on the experience of the pure Soul, Dadashri says, “In the Gnan Vidhi, the conviction of the state of the pure Soul sets in, and then going forward, the established awareness (laksh) sets in, and so the conviction does not get disrupted. Then, as it gradually comes into experience, One is able to See One’s own Real form (Swaroop). To attain the actual understanding, the experienced Gnani Purush is needed. So, if ever one meets such a Gnani Purush, then one should get the work done for one’s own Self. Devotion towards the Gnani is the equivalent of devotion towards the pure Soul, and that itself is devotion towards the absolute Self . That is why Dadashri tells mahatmas (those who have received Self-realization through Gnan Vidhi), “Even if you follow ‘our’ Agnas (fi ve directives that preserve the awareness as the Self in Akram Vignan) and keep worshipping Dada, Your work will be accomplished.”

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