LeafLines - Mark McAfee Brown

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LeafLines is a book of digital art works featuring leaves used to create dynamic negative and positive space made by the visual interplay of the color, texture and shape of individual leaves against solid background colors. The images are calligraphic and have a visual vibrancy and intensity created by the figure/ground relationship of the leaves with the background spaces. They were created by scanning or photographing individual leaves and compositing the artwork in Photoshop. These are improvised compositions, composed a little like jazz, as I start with a loose underlying structure of formal ideas but never have any initial idea of what will emerge as the final image. These images often deal with visual and optical cognitive dissonance, where one can hold two or more different visual interpretations of one thing at the same time. They are some of the most colorful and energetic art pieces I have ever made.

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LeafLines - Mark McAfee Brown

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