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Aphorisms That Maintain the Awareness of Separation of the Self and the Non-Self (Eng. Dadavani March-2021)

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Dada Bhagwan
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
36 pages Saddle-stitched
atma, awareness of separation, DadaBhagwan, Dadashri, difference between self and nonself, gnata drashta, Jagruti, self, shuddha upyog, soul

In the current compilation, a humble effort has been made to explain the word ‘jagruti’ in detail. Dadashri says in simple language that jagruti is to not ‘sleep’; from that point all the way to ‘to not allow the flame of the lamp to extinguish’. In order to experience jagruti in depth, Dadashri has made use of various phrases, such as: the process of separating from Chandubhai through the experiment of conversing with ‘file number one’; to See and Know Chandubhai as separate; applied awareness (upayog); pure applied awareness as the Self (shuddha upayog); the prevalence of the application as the Self over the applied awareness as the Self (upayog upar upayog); the object to be seen and the Seer (drashya-Drashta); the Knower-Seer (Gnata-Drashta). The aphorisms (sutras) connected to the word ‘jagruti’ will advance mahatmas who are doing Purusharth along the ladder of progress. As the subtlety of jagruti arises, Swasamvedan comes first and then it gradually increases to the point that spashta vedan.

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