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“Wherefore, for This Cause”: The Book of Mormon as Anti-type of the Brass Serpent

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Interpreter A Journal of Mormon Scripture
Digest / 5.25" x 8.25"
32 pages Saddle-stitched
Book of Mormon, brass serpent, church of jesus christ of latter-day saints, lds, Mormonism, Nephi, prophecy, typology

Abstract: Nephi1 represents the sacred record that becomes the Book of Mormon as a new brass serpent to heal the nations. Nephi’s typological project is reasonable given that he self-identifies with Moses, his family’s scriptures and compass are made of brass, and he consistently describes reading as an act of seeing, looking, or believing. Nephi understands from Isaiah that the book he (Nephi) prepares — and that he has so much to say about — will become an ensign, or sign, that will be lifted up and heal the nations that have stumbled in blindness. Nephi’s project emerges most fully in 2 Nephi 25, the introductory material to an extended prophecy wherein he points the Jewish people to their Messiah, a figure he equates with Moses’s raised serpent and Jesus Christ.

Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship: “Where...

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