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If We Understand the Fault of Attraction, Then We Can Remain Cautious (Guj. Dadavani Jan-2021)

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Absolutely revered Gnani Purush Dadashri [Dada Bhagwan] says, “Sexual pleasures are not the poison; fearlessness towards sexual pleasures, that is the poison.” Akram Vignan makes one fearless in all aspects. However, one should not become fearless towards sexuality; one should remain alert there. In the current edition, of the various faults of sexuality, the fault of attraction has been explained. One does not have the desire, yet why does one feel drawn? Why do the eyes get drawn? Why does one look at another person with a sexual intent? Here, Dadashri elucidates the dangers of attraction and likewise, to come out from it, gives the keys of Gnan in the form of understanding that is irrefutably in principle. The ardent prayer is that for the ‘safe-side’ of brahmacharya, the internal and external evidences are dissolved through Purusharth (progress as the Self) using Gnan; that we become free from the fault of attraction and undertake the Purusharth of becoming free from the tuber of sexuality.

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