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bUneke Magazine Issue 18

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Published by:
Mary Brotherton
Digest / 5.25" x 8.25"
72 pages Saddle-stitched
bUneke, bUneke Magazine, diy Christmas gifts, electric ecosystem, environment, moonshine fliers, nature, no plastic, paragliders, vegan shopping, zero waste, zodiac

Reflecting and Remembering 2020 • 72 Glorious Pages to help us all be better humans! Issue 18 Highlights: Find the Window to your Soul • Moonshine Fliers Share the Sky • Where to buy Bread Without Plastic • If you want it bad enough, No one can Stop You • 20 Things 2020 has Taught us • What is the Electric Ecosystem? • 6 Easy Steps to your Best Christmas Gifts Ever • Fashion for the Future • Reasons to be Happy, Content, and Inspired • Renewable Energy and a Community Living in Harmony • What is Fast Fashion and why Should you Avoid it? • My Story Could Change your Perspective • 2020 Vegan Shopping Guide • The Most Environmentally Disastrous Lie • Hope for the Human Spirit Through Art • Bountiful Farms & Bistro – a Hidden Gem • NatureNerd • Zero Waste Swaps • Zodiac Predictions and so much more!

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