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Shmup_Lyf - Issue #1

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Published by:
Martin van de Weyer
Digest / 5.25" x 8.25"
50 pages Perfect-bound
arcade games, bullet hell, danmaku, retro, retro games, shmups, shoot em ups, video games, videogames

Shmup_Lyf is a zine about shoot em ups, a genre that emerged with videogames, surfed the peak of the arcade wave and now persists in the hearts of devoted acolytes. In these pages we consider the art of their visual design and game design, the culture(s) and history that surround them, the worlds of imagination they create and the skills that one can develop to get better at playing them. In issue #1 we look perception, how we see these games and how this impacts how we can play them, and play them better - theres a lot of other stuff to :)

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Shmup_Lyf Zine: Shmup_Lyf - Issue #1

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