The First Supper

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The childhood of Christ was not as documented as his grown up years, and as we do not have much information, we can only use our imagination on what it was like for him as child.

We know only a handful of events. His increasing wisdom; and His visit to the Temple in Jerusalem at age 12 and obedience to His parents.

But, we do not know things like who his friends were, if he played with toys, and if he was just a regular kid.

He also likely attended school by age six, since these were common even in remote areas.

We are not sure of these details, but our imagination can help. Journey with us on an adventure as we try to unravel the childhood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As the children listened carefully to what the Lord taught them and followed His instructions, they became the world’s greatest leaders. The children were given special powers that would allow them to change the world.

In an untold story, Jesus sat with twelve children for what we will call ‘The First Supper’.

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The First Supper

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