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Published by:
siena saba
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
58 pages Perfect-bound

These images serve as permanent statements of time to say we exist and these are the conditions in which we live in at this moment in time. But they are free-flowing and ever-changing; to create our own path despite the circumstances we’ve been faced with. Through pain and abandonment, finding a way to ascend through this bond cemented in love and a hunger to be the greatest we can be. Outcasted by those conditioned to believe there is one way of living. Proving to ourselves that there is always a way out and never allowing the outside world to dictate where we will end up next but instead making it clear that we decide that for ourselves. This project is more than just a documentation of my singular experience. It is a never-ending journey about us, collectively. About finding ourselves through each other and unleashing the voices inside us that have been told to stay quiet.

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