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The Search of Infinite Lives: Vyavasthit Shakti (Guj. Dadavani October-2019)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
30 pages Perfect-bound
Agna, Akram Gnan, Dadashri, doership, liberation, Non-Doer, self, spiritual seekers, Vyavasthit, vyavasthit Shakti

Absolutely revered Dadashri says, “‘We’ were receiving liberation, but ‘we’ delayed it for the sake of discovering this vyavasthit! From infinite lives, I was seeking precisely this that, ‘On was basis does this world run?’ It is due to that that this unprecedented Akram Gnan was attained. The world was gifted with an unfailing and simple path to liberation and spiritual seekers attained the Self through a one-hour experiment of Knowledge that separates the Self from the non-Self.While remaining in worldly life and doing business or work, One is to remain as the Self, then doership seeps in, at that time the Knowledge of vyavasthit will keep him in the state as a non-doer. It is our ardent prayer that may the aphorisms of vyavasthit shakti set in the hearts of mahatmas, and along with that, may they understand the Science of vyavasthit shakti and begin the progress as the Self of following the third Agna and climb the steps of experience as the Self.

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