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Dispel the Illusion, ‘I-you-they are doing (Hindi Dadavani December-2013)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
30 pages Perfect-bound
attainment, awareness, Bramhacharya

This Akram Vignan takes away the support of karma with the Knowledge of ‘I am pure Soul (Shuddhatma)’ and ‘I am not the doer; vyavasthit (scientific circumstantial evidences) is’; therefore one’s state of doer-sufferer (karta-bhokta) no longer remains. The moment the other person is believed to be the doer, attachment-abhorrence (raag-dwesh) are bound to occur immediately, which eventually result in the intent of doership and karmic bondage. At that time, if the Gnan (Self knowledge) arises that in reality, the other person is Shuddhatma, and the one talking is a ‘tape record’, whatever happened is vyavasthit, then there is complete intent of non-doership (akartabhaav), attachment-abhorrence does not take place, and karma is not bound. Such awareness should prevail five to twenty-five times a day. Then one becomes free from the entanglements of doership. With this, one will attain the clear and distinct experience of the Self (spashta vedan).

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