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Published by:
Parapsychological Association
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
50 pages Perfect-bound
Science & Nature
parapsychology, physics, psychological theorie, psychology, scientific theories, theory

This issue of Mindfield 11.1 makes accessible the essential aspects of several contemporary models of psi. In line with Mindfield 10.3 titled "Physical Theories of Psi", we now present models derived from human sciences. Using the same approach as the previous issue, we asked several theoreticians of parapsychology to briefly respond to a common structured interview explaining the foundations and applications of their models. With this approach, we aim to provide Mindfield readers with a glimpse of these complex ideas in a manner that facilitates comparison.

This issue focuses mainly on psychological theories of psi presented by Lance Storm & Michael Thalbourne, Jon Taylor, Lance Storm & Adam Rock, Rupert Sheldrake, and James C. Carpenter. Also included is Part 2 of Carlos A. Alvarado's "Articles about the History of Parapsychology and Related Matters" and the 27th installment of "Articles Relevant to Parapsychology in Journals of Various Fields".

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