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The Gnani makes one totally free from Sexual Impulses (English Dadavani January-2007)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
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Gnani, sexual impulses

Through Akram Vignan—step less path of Self-realization of Gnani Purush Dadashri one attains ‘Atma Drashti’—vision as the Self, within two hours. Then only one starts to practice brahmacharya—freedom from all sexual impulses through thoughts, speech and acts—in a real sense. This is so, because awakened awareness—jagruti arises after the Self-realization. With this awareness one attains vision to see through ‘as it is’ that leads to dispassion—vairagya, followed by vitaragata—detachment. Attachment to worldly beings—raag, arises due to the illusion—maya that is created due to decrease in jagruti—awareness. The clothes, women and external instruments increase this attraction because basically one has been a vishayi—one inclined towards seeking pleasure in sexuality, life after life. However, once the vision (that was sexual and seeking worldly pleasures) is purified then there is no place left that can create any attraction any attraction anywhere.

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Dadavani Magazine: The Gnani makes one totally free from Sexual Impulses...

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