Liquid Time Stretching

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Published by:
Taylor Hillard
Digest / 5.25" x 8.25"
78 pages Perfect-bound
abstract, edm, emotion, music, photography

Electronic Dance Music, also known as, EDM is a culture that has guided me to a happier and healthy life. To me, this culture is full of beautiful flashing lights, incredible visuals, amazing people and ultimately a family. The atmosphere and people that I am surrounded by gives me feelings of positivity and hope. The little moments that happen within the people that I surround myself with turn out to be the ones that I remember and cherish forever. In today’s unpredictable world, we could all use a break from the chaotic reality that we face and EDM concerts and festivals are a way to make that possible. The sound, light shows, movement and visuals gives the viewer a feeling of truly being alive, with pure bliss. Together, everyone that is a part of the culture helps to give other people a sense of family and purpose. I hope my photo series about this life affirming aspect of my own reality can convey that EDM is not just a form of hedonistic escapism.

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Liquid Time Stretching

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