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Through which vision The Gnani saw the world as flawless? (Gujarati Dadavani July-2010)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
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Drashti, Flawless, Gnani, Jagat, Nirdosh, vision

There are only two things: circumstances and Atma (the Self). If one remains as the Self then what else is left? Only circumstances. And circumstances are of the non-Self and are dependent on the non-Self; they are settling as they are discharging. The effects of causes created by me are verily unfolding through the other person; and in all that; what can the other person do?So then what kind of happiness will he achieve by seeing a person who is faultless, at fault? Intellect will always establish that the other person is at fault but Gnan will establish him faultless and hold that the current punishment is the result of my own mistake only. If You want to go to—experience moksha, if you want to become free from the world, then listen to pragnya (the liberating energy of the Self) instead of listening to the intellect; remain free from binding opinions, be grateful to the one who insults you, and thus accomplish the flawless vision of the Lord.

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