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“Whoever Meets me, may he Attain Happiness…” (English Dadavani July-2015)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
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Who does not have difficulties in life? The consequences of karma of the past life must be suffered, mustn’t they? Even the Lord himself is not excluded from that. There were many pleasant and painful circumstances even in the life of absolutely revered Gnani Purush Dadashri, but in all those circumstances, through his unique understanding he kept uncovering the essence of life. Even while suffering the consequences, as a result of his unique characteristics of observation and research, he developed such understanding that no living being was hurt by him, nor did he get hurt by anyone. And as a result of that, conducting worldly interaction free from divisiveness due to difference in opinion and free from anger-pride-deceit-greed, he lived an ideal life. He always used to say, “I have come to take away the pains of this world. Keep your happiness with you, hand over your pain to me. If you have faith in me, then it will not come back to you after you hand it over to me.

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Dadavani Magazine: “Whoever Meets me, may he Attain Happiness…” (English...

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