Fire in the Jungle:

The Fire in the Jungle Fantasy RPG Supplement

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Published by:
Dustin Brandt
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
16 pages Saddle-stitched
Sci-fi & Fantasy
adventure, dnd, dragons, dungeons, fantasy, fire, gorilla, Hero, Jungle, Magic, module, monkey, Monsters, post-apocalypse, rpg, setting, sorcery, supplement, sword

A ready-to-go jungle adventure or a toolkit for creating your own jungle setting. This supplement contains: * A brief history of the jungle’s troubled past and the natives who have survived there. * A color judge’s map of the jungle with dozens of described locations to explore. * A color player map to give the player’s a vague understanding of the shape of the jungle. * A comprehensive Jungle Event System that reflects the harsh reality and wondrous excitement of journeying through this jungle. * The Ant Tunnel Exploration System provides a framework for running adventures in these infinite, living tunnels. * The Tomb of the Monkey God. A dungeon module with an Escalation mechanic that ratchets up the tension the longer the PCs remain inside the tomb. Unique, overlapping color map of this four-level tomb. * Plus a variety of monsters, NPCs, hirelings, magic items, etc.

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Fire in the Jungle: The Fire in the Jungle Fantasy RPG Supplement

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