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The Wonder of the Properties of the Self (Guj. Dadavani February-2019)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
30 pages Perfect-bound
Aatm guno, Aatma shakti, self, soul

The self is attained naturally and spontaneously through the grace of a gnani purush, who has experienced the self and is capable of making others experience the self. However it is only in conviction and a result of merit karmas of past lives. Now as the awareness of Self increases, the self along with its intrinsic properties comes into experience. Self's intrinsic nature is to see and know as Original Self is light and through this light everything is seen, understood and known. In the current compilation, Dadashri has described the intrinsic functional properties of the Self that He has experienced and how these can be put into application. After receiving Gnan, by following five agnas, mahatma embarks on the path to reach to the state of experience of pure Soul . Our only ardent prayer is that the Mahatmas reach the natural and spontaneous state as the Self, and experience the constant state of samadhi (free from the effects of mental, physical, and externally-induced problems).

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