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The Experiment of the Mirror Samayik (Guj. Dadavani August-2018)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
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knowledge, non-self, self, soul, spiritual, spirituality

In Akram Vignan, the Self and the non-Self are separated through Gnan (the Knowledge of the Self). A line of demarcation has been drawn between the two, which remains in the form of a conviction. In order for the separation to prevail, the process of conversing with Chandubhai has definitely been proven effective. Dadashri has given a unique experiment in detail and that is of the mirror samayik (introspective analysis as the Self). The Self is like a mirror. Dadashri says, “Just like when you are closely observing others similarly You should closely observe Chandubhai and tell him about as many mistakes as you can see for an hour, that itself is the greatest samayik! After Knowing the Self, through the experiment of conversing with Chandubhai in front of the mirror, the Self dissociates from the prakruti . It is our ardent prayer, that by carrying out the mirror samayik, mahatmas can start their Purusharth (real spiritual effort to progress as the Self) to experience the Self.

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