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Religion & Duty in Worldly interactions (Gujarati Dadavani October-2002)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
26 pages Perfect-bound
dharma, Duty, Faraj, Religion, vyavhar

In this world, people understand religion in 2 ways: one is "community religion" & the other one is "duty". If one is fulfilling duty towards his children then he says, 'It is my religion' & when one does worship & prayers in the temple, one says, 'I practiced religion'. But what is the correct understanding in all this? The interactions that we do with each other- between parents-kids, husband-wife is all out of duty, whereas religion is an internal thing. That internal stability and equanimity is called "religion". There is another kind of religion which is "Religion of the Soul". If one meets Gnani Purush then he can make one realize 'Who am I' and that’s when religion of the Soul begins, the result of which is liberation. This edition of Dadavani reveals what & how much is the duty of parents towards kids, husband & wife towards each other, etc & how one can discharge these duties along with keeping religion within, which will help the reader to set up a goal in his/her life.

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