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Wow! The Spectacular Speech of the Gnani Purush! (Gujarati Dadavani December-2014)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
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Gnani, speech, Vani

In this era of the time cycle, the matchless Gnani Purush absolutely revered Dadashri has manifested in Bharat Kshetra. The speech of the Gnani Purush is beneficial for the entire world; it liberates from all kinds of suffering. His speech purges the disease. The uniqueness of his speech is that it arises based on the worthiness of the other person. His speech flowed in such a way that the other person’s mind became content, and the rest of the work would keep happening through his spiritual powers (sidhhi). If there is awe (ahobhaav) towards the statements of the Gnani Purush, then one starts becoming the absolute Self (Paramatma)! If just a single word of the Gnani Purush is grasped and taken to heart, then that word can lead all the way to liberation;with such tremendous power of words,expounding upon both the real and relative,Dadashri’s speech has flowed.

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