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The Gnani Purush: A Matchless Embodiment of Love (Gujarati Dadavani July-2014)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
30 pages Perfect-bound
Ajod, embodiment, Gnani, love, Matchless

Who knows the true meaning of love? What people refer to as love in the worldly life is actually attraction (aasakti). Real love is that which does not increase or decrease. From where is this real love acquired? The answer is, from the Ones who have become the embodiment of love, the Vitarags (fully enlightened Lords), the Gnanis (the Ones who have realized the Self and are able to do the same for others). Pure love is referred to as divine love (ishwariya prem), in which there is no attachment abhorrence, no divisiveness, no expectations, no demand, no attraction or sexuality; there is exclusively selfless love, only purity, oneness, flawless vision, and solely the intent of salvation of others. It prevails for the entire world, for every living being; it flows without any bounds. Absolutely revered Dadashri is such an embodiment of love. Whosoever comes into the acquaintance of the expansiveness of the manifest Paramatma ‘Dada Bhagwan’, experiences awe along with natural obeisance from the heart.

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