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Tasting the Nectar of The Self Through Samayik (Gujarati Dadavani August-2013)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
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Aatma, Samayik, self

Samayik means a state of equanimity of the Self (Atma samadasha). There are mainly two kinds of samayiks. One is a worldly (vyavahar) samayik in which one becomes the doer of that action (samayik) and keeps his mind still for forty-eight minutes (one gunthanu). And the samayik of the Akram path means the ‘self’ becomes the Self and then ‘sees’ the ‘self’- file no. 1. The Lord has called that Atma samayik. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan (Dadashri) says that the Self verily is samayik, and having attained the Self, if one remains in the five Agnas, it is a constant samayik. In the Akram path, it is for the purpose of emptying the pending karmic stock as well as for maintaining pure applied awareness (shuddha upayoga), that samayik is to be done. In doing samayik, as it becomes clearer, one may even attain spashta vedan of Atma. That is why this samayik is considered invaluable. Hence, Akram’s samayik is beyond this world (alaukik).

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