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Gnani’s internal penance (Gujarati Dadavani July-2012)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
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Gnani, penance, tap

Gnanis’ penances are different from the worldly penance. They have constant inner penance. How is that penance? Highly revered Dadashri says that we would not have worldly or external penance at all, but we would have constant inner penance. Our penance will not result in any pleasure or pain. And because it does not end in any result, it does not affect us. We remain far away from all the worldly things. There is no resultant effect in any taste or in any physical pain event. But we simply know that. That means they constantly remain in the state of the Self only. They do not become the body mind form (tanmayakar) in either the result of the pudgal or with the state of the non-Self (pudgal parinati). They remain only as the knowerseer. And that is the real penance for attaining moksha. When the awareness as the Self does not shift, under any circumstance, such true penance, such subtle penance, is the ultimate penance.

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