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One should not protect ‘I-ness’ (Gujarati Dadavani june-2011)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
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I-ness, Potapanu, Protect

Potapanu means filled stock (bharelo maal), discharge ego. One becomes the doer (karta) in that discharge ego. To follow the dictates of the intellect is called ‘I-ness’. To protect prakruti (mind-body-speech complex), the pudgal (the non-Self complex) is ‘I-ness’. Beyond the protection one goes further and attacks too. What is the use of the ‘I-ness’, which hurts others? When one protects through deceit, it is dense ‘I-ness’ (potapanu). Once one protects the prakruti, it does not let one come in to naturalness (sahajata). If ‘I-ness’ is with insistence then it is considered a very strong ‘I-ness’. It is very dangerous. It is verily self-destruction. If ‘I-ness’ is weak then it will start to leave but if one does not let go of ‘I-ness’ then there is no end to it. The old filled stock of karma creates a situation for interference (dakho) during discharge. Wrong understanding does not leave and that is why interference happens. When the interference leaves, the ‘I-ness’ leaves with ease.

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