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Avoid Illusion of being 'Doer' (Gujarati Dadavani June-2001)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
26 pages Perfect-bound
Bhranti, doership, illusion, Kartapad

Every individual follows some religion since childhood. Like we do devotional worship, service, penance, chant prayers, do fasting and what not? Still neither are we able to free ourselves from pain & suffering nor do we experience inner peace. Why are we still unable to free ourselves from anger-pride-deceit-greed-attachment-abhorrence-worries-tension-clashes? On one side we say 'I want to know the Self (Soul) & for that 'I do meditation', 'I do penance', 'I do devotional worship of Lord'. So until there is 'doership', we cannot experience the Self. Till the time one is under the illusion of 'I am the doer', the exact experience-awareness-conviction of Soul does not arise. Only after one gets the knowledge of the Self and the knowledge of who is the doer, does one get rid of this illusion of doership.This edition of Dadavani throws light on how illusion of 'I am the Doer' arises, how one gets entangled in it, how can one be free from it, etc which will be helpful to the reader.

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