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Infinite Attributes of the Gnani Purush (Gujarati Dadavani November-2008)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
34 pages Perfect-bound
Anant, Gnani, gun, infinite

Liberation (moksha) is extremely easy however, it is extremely rare and thus difficult to meet a Gnani Purush who has the spiritual energy to liberate another human being.One can recognize the Gnani from His vitarag absolutely unattached, speech. There is no other mode or measure in this kaal—current era,how can an ordinary person identify such a Gnani who is the abode of infinite attributes? The Gnani has the dazzling majesty of the Sun God, the coolness of the Moon, the depth and serenity of the ocean, and stillness and steadfastness of the mountain of Meru.In the Gnani’s eyes flows an endless stream of the elixir of the eternal. There is a childlike innocence and guilelessness in the Gnani. He resides in the total egoless state. He remains constantly in the state of the Self (swaparinati) that is why He would have mukta haasya (the laughter of the liberated state). The Gnani Purush is beyond renunciation or acquisition.

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