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Relative' Religions : 'Real' Religions (Gujarati Dadavani May-2004)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
26 pages Perfect-bound
dharma, real, Relative, Religion

This world consists of many religions but they all are 'Relative' in nature. Relative because there one practices & practicing religion is an act of doing. Who is the one practicing religion? The one who is bearer of the name e.g. 'I am David, My name is David. I practice this religion'. The foundation of all these are beliefs. Wherever there is support of any kind be it from mind or speech or body and belief of 'I am David' are all 'Relative' religions. And if one follows this religion with concentration then one binds merit karmas. But again one has to take birth to discharge these merit karmas. So when does one attain salvation? All the worldly religions are steps to attain the ultimate state of being free from anger-pride-deceit-greed. One has to attain the Knowledge of Self & reach the stage of absolute enlightenment. Relative means worldly, destructible whereas Real is indestructible, beyond the world. This edition of Dadavani explains in detail about Relative & Real religion.

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