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Happiness of Non-Self : Happiness of Self (Gujarati Dadavani January-1998)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
26 pages Perfect-bound
Aanand, Aatma, Paudgalik, Pudgal, soul

Our true self is that of 'Pure Soul' but due to illusion, since infinite lifetimes, we have been engrossed in happiness derived from non-self complex. As we develop further, we become engrossed in the pleasures of anger-pride-deceit-greed. When we taste superior happiness i.e. happiness derived by being in the state of Pure Soul, it is then that our inclination towards happiness derived from non-self complex starts reducing. Till the time we continue to derive happiness from non-self complex, a veil keeps forming on our ability to derive happiness from state of Pure Soul. By the grace of Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan & through Self Realization ceremony, our veils are broken & we come into awareness as Pure Soul. Since then whenever we experience any relative (non-self) pain, we naturally remain separate from our body but we become engrossed during relative pleasure. This edition of Dadavani will give followers a completely new vision with respect to spiritual awareness of separation.

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